Depart Kampala for Queen Elizabeth National Park. You will pass the legendary equator line where you will be able to hear more about the mysteries of this imaginary line and take a couple of photos while standing in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere at the same time. We will stop in Mbarara for a lunch break before proceeding to the park.

Arrive at the lodge where you will check in and then spend the rest of the day at leisure enjoying the sights and sounds of the national park.


Day 2

Early in the morning after an early breakfast, you will be driven to the Kyambura Gorge. The steep Kyambura Gorge formed by the turbulent waters of the roaring Kyambura River, provides a lush riverine tropical forest right in the middle of the savannah dominated park. This forest is home to the chimps that have been habituated to human presence. You will be accompanied by a professional ranger-guide who will tell you more about chimps and the forest as he leads you through the giant trees and undergrowth vines. You’ll hear them before you see them: from somewhere deep in the forest, an excited hooting, just one voice at first, then several, rising in volume and tempo and pitch to a frenzied unified crescendo, before stopping abruptly or fading away. Chimps are amazing animals who share many similarities with us (98.7% DNA). They hug and kiss each other, live in family groups, enjoy the company of others and they are able to think through problems and use tools. Tracking our closest cousins in their natural habitant is quite a rewarding, exciting and educational experience. The area is also home to the black and white colobus, red tailed monkeys, olive baboons and other large mammals like elephants, hippos, and antelopes, as well as plenty of forest birds.

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