Rwenzori Mountains are found in Kasese and at 5,109metres above sea level they are Africa’s third tallest mountains and the longest mountain range in Africa, stretching over 100,000 hectares. The combination of spectacular snow-capped peaks, glaciers, V-shaped valleys, fast flowing rivers with magnificent waterfalls, clear blue lakes and unique flora contributes to the area’s exceptional beauty. The Rwenzoris are a reflection of mist shrouded mountains towering over the landscape and can be seen from miles around. Its location straddling the equator provides a diverse weather and vegetation ranging from tropical  rainforest through alpine meadows to snow have led experts declaring the Rwenzoris a UNESCO Heritage Site. Giant Heathers, Lobellias, Senecios prompted a Swedish botanist to name Rwenzoris he perfect place to see “Botanical Big Game”

Day 1: Kampala to Kasese
Your tour guide will straight away transfer you by road to western Uganda. This journey will between 6-7 hours to arrive in Kasese. Dinner and overnight stay at Mahgerita Hotel, Kasese

Day 2: Climb Nyabitaba through Bakonjo Farmsteads
After an early morning breakfast, hike to Nyakalengija trailhead (1600m) in the company of a guide and porters. Hiking up to Nyabitaba hut, walk through the banana sambas on the side of the steep foothills, past the typical Bakonjo farmsteads. Follow the trail along the Mubuku River, via landslides up and down rocks and bluffs, traverse the Mahoma River and climb steeply through break fern slopes and podocarpus forest to Nyabitaba Hut. Dinner and overnight at Nyabitaba Hut

Day 3: Nyabita – Nyamileju – John Matte
Enjoy your breakfast and follow the trail from Nyabitaba which drops along the forest to the Kurt Shafer Bridge, just underneath the convergence of the Bujuku and Mubuku Rivers. Proceed following a steep gradient through the bamboo forest, pass through a long and straining stretch of slippery moss-covered rock. Make a stop-over at Nyamileju Hut for lunch. Later proceed trekking to the base of the mass tussock grass to avoid getting stuck in the rather wet ground. After a 7 hours walking, arrive at John matte Camp for your dinner and overnight.

Day 4 John Matte Camp – Bujuku Hut
Undertake an early morning trek up and down a cliff crossing the river severally along the wet and muddy Bujuku valley.  After 5 hours arrive at Bujuku Lake where the scenic forest become bigger and bigger. Proceed for an hour to Bujuku Hut (3,977-m) for your dinner and an overnight.

Day 5: Bujuku Hut – Kitandara Hut
After breakfast, undertake a trek which is much similar to the previous day’s experience as you walk up and down cliffs using roots and tussock grass for support. Ascend the Scott – Elliot saddle (4372m) and descend again to the Kitandara Lake before proceeding to Kitandara hut for dinner and overnight.